Slimmer in Eight

Want to lose weight—and keep it off?

Develop healthy habits while shedding belly fat and boosting your metabolism over eight weeks with Club trainer and nutrition expert Takeshi Hirata.

While many diets and well-meaning fitness goals can be tough to stick to, Hirata’s tailored program is designed to keep you on track through weekly check-ins, training sessions, nutrition guidance and lots of support and encouragement.

Weight-Loss Program

  • Personalized eight-week program from any Sunday.
  • Lifestyle, posture and belly fat analysis.
  • Twice-weekly, 45-minute training workouts at the Fitness Center, including exercises to build muscle and increase metabolism.
  • Four 60-minute consultations and weekly progress assessments.
  • Nutrition planning and calorie-intake guidance.
  • Tips on breathing techniques to engage core muscles.
  • Constant support.

Discover a slimmer, healthier you over just eight weeks by mailing Hirata today at このメールアドレスはスパムボットから保護されています。閲覧するにはJavaScriptを有効にする必要があります。.

Takeshi Hirata
Club trainer Takeshi “Tak” Hirata is a National Strength and Conditioning Association-certified strength and conditioning specialist, a Mac-Nutrition Uni-certified nutritionist and a level 2-certified coach with Precision Nutrition.


  • From Feb 11
  • Members only
  • Ages 16 & above

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