Trainer Spotlight: Takeshi Hirata

Club trainer Takeshi "Tak" Hirata has an impressive track record with helping people shift stubborn weight and develop healthy habits to keep the pounds off.

He has even written a book on weight loss and nutrition and how to avoid the all-too-common “rebound.”

"I blend cutting-edge techniques, a profound understanding of human anatomy and evidence-based nutrition knowledge to ensure my clients reach their fitness goals," says Hirata, who also shares his weight-loss insights at health and fitness seminars.

With a degree in exercise and wellness, the certified Kinstretch instructor also helps clients stay flexible, mobile and energized.

Besides being a qualified strength and conditioning specialist, Hirata is a Functional Movement Systems-certified specialist and Precision Nutrition level 2 coach.

Member Testimonial
“As I sit in front of a computer for hours every day, my back, neck and wrist were always stiff and painful. Through Takeshi’s personalized training program, I was able to reduce my body fat by 2 percent and gain muscle mass in six months, which has helped improve my golf score significantly! He often changes the routine depending on my condition, so I always feel energized and better after working out. This has changed my outlook on workouts, which I no longer see as a dreaded task.” Chun Hena

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