金, 27 10月 2023 12:00

Shizuoka Beer Wins Club Tasting

A Shizuoka brewery emerged triumphant at the Club's inaugural Craft Beer Tasting in October.

木, 12 10月 2023 11:00

Members Select Seasonal Wines

Italy and France shared the spoils at the Club's most recent Seasonal Wine Taste-Off.

火, 26 9月 2023 11:00

Sky Pool Programs Receive Thumbs-Up

The majority of Members taking swim programs at the Sky Pool are satisfied with the sessions and coaching, according to a survey carried out earlier this year.

Nearly 350 people completed the Swim Committee-organized, online questionnaire.

木, 24 8月 2023 17:00

Board Approves Election Slate

The slate of candidates for this year's Board of Governors election has been released.

At its meeting on August 24, the Board approved the list of candidates proposed by the Club's Nominating Committee.

The election will be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting on November 9.

The official slate is as follows:

  • American Citizens (up to four may be elected):
    Jesse Green
    Ginger Griggs
    David Leibowitz
    Gregory Lyon
    Patrick McLeod
    Nils Plett
    Nathan Schmidt
  • Japanese Citizens (one may be elected):
    Takahide Akiyama
    Reiko Saito
  • Other Nationalities (one may be elected):
    Simon Farrell
    Rune Sølvsteen
  • Connections (one may be elected):
    Vanessa Thomas

In accordance with Chapter 5, Section 31 of the General Rules, unauthorized electioneering is prohibited. Violations by a nominee, upon review and resolution of the Nominating Committee, shall be referred to the Board of Governors and, upon a resolution of the Board, will result in the disqualification of the nominee. Violations by a Member other than a nominee, upon review and resolution of the Nominating Committee, shall be referred to the House Committee. Proper decorum is expected in the conduct of the election.

火, 04 7月 2023 16:00

Funds for New Charities

The Club's Connections group has donated ¥6.4 million to six charities as part of its annual support of local causes.

Four of the organizations are first-time recipients of Club donations and include Kanita Women’s Village, Japan's only long-term residential shelter for women, and Nanbyo Children Support Network, which organizes counseling and activities for children with intractable diseases and disabilities and their families.

The Multicultural Center Tokyo, an educational support organization for immigrant children, has received funds for a second year.

In an issue of INTOUCH earlier this year, foreign students explained how the nonprofit is helping them overcome cultural, language and educational hurdles.

Connections' fundraising efforts and philanthropic initiatives, including annual charity drives for Tokyo's Sanyukai homeless shelter and the Salvation Army, stretch back decades.

Photo: Multicultural Center Tokyo