Board of Governors

The elected Board of Governors sets Club policy and the direction of the organization while overseeing its finances. 

The Board consists of up to 14 volunteer Members who are elected by Voting Members at an annual election. The statutory auditor is an appointed position, approved by the Membership.

The election results are announced at the Annual General Meeting each November or December.

Governors serve a two-year term while the representative governor is selected by the Board for a one-year term.

The minutes of the monthly Board meetings and general meetings and election and other documents are available for viewing by logged-in Members.


Representative Governor
Michael Alfant

First Vice President
Jesse Green

Second Vice President
Alok Rakyan

Machi Nemoto

Michael Benner

John Flanagan
Sandra Isaka
Gregory Lyon
Anthony Moore
Kenji Ota
Sam Rogan
Betsy Rogers
Jerry Rosenberg

Statutory Auditors
Hiroshi Miyamasu
Kazuakira Nakajima