51 East promises evenings of elevated modern Italian-American cuisine.

Named after the 51 founding American Members of the Club and the restaurant's location within the building, 51 East is an elevated dining destination that celebrates the fusion of two rich culinary traditions.

Leading the kitchen team is Francesco “Paco” La Monica, a native of Savona, in northwest Italy, who has worked at award-winning restaurants around the world.

"My biggest philosophy when it comes to cooking is respecting the ingredients. So my priority is to bring fantastic produce to 51 East," he explains in the March issue of INTOUCH. "We’re taking inspiration from Italian-American food culture and will be respecting tradition while striving towards innovation."

Reservations strongly recommended.

Private Dining

51 East offers the perfect spaces to create intimate moments for any occasion.

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or simply enjoying an evening with friends, our private settings, chef-crafted menus, and curated drink selections will elevate your experience.

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