Leisure & Learning

Members looking for opportunities for personal development or to pick up a new pastime can find stimulating gatherings each week at the Club.

The Toastmasters Club draws public speaking enthusiasts and those in need of a few presentation pointers, while the Club's weekly bridge and mahjong sessions attract seasoned players and newbies alike.

All these activities provide excellent forums for meeting other Members while learning a new skill or hobby.

The TAC Toastmasters Club provides a fun, supportive setting in which to enhance your communication, presentation and leadership skills.

Started in 2013, the TAC Toastmasters Club (one of nearly 16,000 Toastmasters clubs worldwide) draws around 20 participants to each meeting.

During vibrant get-togethers, group members deliver speeches, provide feedback, serve as timekeeper or monitor speakers’ ums and ahs.

Each first and third Wednesday of the month: 12–1:30pm
Washington and Lincoln rooms (2F)
Members: ¥2,420
Guests: ¥2,820 (should be paid in exact cash)

All are welcome to try their hand at this engaging card game, played by two competing partnerships of two players.

Each Monday: 10am–12:30pm and 1:30–4pm
William Logan Jr Room (2F)

This ancient Chinese game of skill, strategy and calculation attracts a lively crowd for biweekly sessions.

Each Wednesday and Friday: 1–4:30pm
William Logan Jr Room (2F)