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Pilgrim Traditions INDEPTH | FOCUS

Pilgrim Traditions

Ahead of America’s Thanksgiving holiday, Club Members explain what makes turkey day special.

Heidi Regent’s elegantly decorated home oozes autumn. There are pumpkins, gourds, turkey figurines and even a chalkboard bearing a line from a seasonal poem by English writer Emily Brontë: “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

Neural Inspirations INDEPTH | ART

Neural Inspirations

Tokyo-based painter and scientist Wilf Tilley explains how his twin passions inform his artworks.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor of his one-room art studio in Aoyama, Wilf Tilley slips on a pair of new cotton gloves as white as his lustrous crop of hair and swirls paintbrushes in old tomato cans filled with cleaning fluid.

Picture This Six Degrees

Picture This

Member and amateur photographer David Runacres explains his enthusiasm for capturing the world around him, often in black-and-white.

I made the mistake for a while of collecting cameras, instead of focusing on the photography. I have 25 [camera] bodies and about 250 lenses.

The Carriage at the End of the Train Voice

The Carriage at the End of the Train

Just before my 9th birthday my family emigrated to South Africa. It was something of a change from our small village life in rural southern England. The village green, where local cricket teams played, was behind our house and, on weekends, my brother and I would imitate the men bowling in their smart cricket whites, all the while trying not to hit the ball into the duck pond.