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Coming to America INDEPTH | FOCUS

Coming to America

As the United States celebrates its founding this month, non-American Club Members explain how time spent in the US affected their later lives.

These are the times that try men’s souls” the pamphlet declared in its opening line. Innocuously titled Common Sense, the anonymously penned pamphlet helped stoke the flames of the American Revolution. And the writer was English.

Finding Her Purpose Indepth | Women’s Group

Finding Her Purpose

One Women’s Group member is putting her business acumen to good use.

Sitting in the Winter Garden, Member Gabriela Mandrea considers the most interesting project of her marketing career.

With 25 years’ experience across business sectors and borders, she needs a few more sips of coffee to ruminate. Ultimately, leading the marketing campaign for the American soft drink giant Coca-Cola at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics wins out.

Court Concert Indepth | Squash

Court Concert

INTOUCH drops by the Squash Courts to find out why the sport is proving popular with women.

A squash symphony rings out as Club Member Aya Schinaman rhythmically practices her swing.

Mixing It Up Indepth | Libations

Mixing It Up

Club mixologist Nathan Baggs crafts three summer refreshers.

From hip New York lounges to Hong Kong harborside bars, cocktails are back and booming.