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Club Revival INDEPTH | FOCUS

Club Revival

With the Club still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, community leaders prepare for a year of challenges and milestones.

Things were meant to have been different. Drastically different. This month should have seen the Club basking in the success of a momentous 2020.


High Roller

Set to appear at the Club this month, the world’s top-ranked backgammon player talks dice, trophies and lady luck.

Three things refuse to obey my will,” 12th-century Japanese emperor Go-Shirakawa quipped in the seminal war chronicle The Tale of the Heike. “The waters of the Kamo River, the fall of the backgammon dice and the monks of Enryakuji Temple.”

Style and Substance INDEPTH | NIHONBASHI

Style and Substance

Much more than just frames on the wall, the Nihonbashi Club’s art collection symbolizes everything the facility aspires to be.

When the Club’s Nihonbashi satellite facility opens this spring, it will be more than just a place to eat, drink and exercise. For many Members, it will be a home away from home.

My Side of the Mountain Voice

My Side of the Mountain

I grew up in a house abutting a state park filled with winding bicycle and horse tracks and meandering rivers and streams.

Each spring, my brother and I would explore the thick forests on the lookout for jack-in-the-pulpits peeking through latent April snows.