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Offering Help & Hope INDEPTH | FOCUS

Offering Help & Hope

How can decluttering your closet help Tokyo’s most vulnerable? INTOUCH finds out.

Tadashige Fujiwara cups his hands as if peering into a crystal ball and flexes his thick fingers, worn smooth like the concrete blocks he once cemented to the Beppu Bay shoreline. Skin eroded by backbreaking hardship, debt, homelessness and near death.

Beyond the Bike INDEPTH | Triathlon

Beyond the Bike

With the support of other Members, Jonathan Kushner is preparing to take the triathlon plunge this summer.

Not only can I not swim, but I really hate the smell of the pool.” That might seem an odd statement from someone who plans to swim 1.5 kilometers as part of a triathlon this summer.

Japan’s Indelible Mark Six Degrees

Japan’s Indelible Mark

Member Marie Kissel explains how a chance trip to Tokyo during college helped form her worldview.

I grew up on a farm in a very small town in southern Indiana. I had never been anywhere, and when I went off to college, to the University of Notre Dame, I joined the marching band in my freshman year.

Way of the Warrior INDEPTH | Endurance

Way of the Warrior

Entrepreneur, endurance athlete and Club Member Joe De Sena explains why he enjoys pushing people to their limits.

Joe De Sena is no ordinary fitness enthusiast. Extreme is a more apt description. Seemingly obsessed with testing himself both physically and mentally, he has completed scores of endurance races, including 14 Ironman triathlon events in a single year.