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Steeped in Tradition INDEPTH | FOCUS

Steeped in Tradition

As unique as it is indefinable, Japanese culture is known by its arts and traditions. The Members who take up those mantles share how life-changing their experiences can be.

Every day, it strikes me more and more how little I shall ever know of the Japanese,” Lafcadio Hearn confessed to a colleague three years after his 1890 arrival in the country. “We only guess at each other without understanding, and it is only a very keen guesser, indeed of large experience, who can ever guess correctly.”

Home Away from Home INDEPTH | HOMESTAY

Home Away from Home

With the Club set to run its Fukushima homestay program again next year, Members discuss the benefits of a weekend welcome.

When the Sipes family arrived for the welcome ceremony in the Winter Garden, they weren’t sure what to expect.


Fitness Fix

Carrying “sugar bags” and a long-term injury, Member Adam Cunneen discovered an addictive workout regimen that he has no intention of kicking.

Four years ago, I was at the movies and I was kind of uncomfortable. The truth was my belly was sticking out. I had to undo my belt and pants to watch the movie. And I thought, “That’s no good. I’m going to do something about that.” 

Hiking Back in Time COMMUNITY | VOICE

Hiking Back in Time

Agreeing on the next family trip is often about striking a delicate balance between the cost, the weather, finding a destination that promises charm and excitement, and ensuring everyone’s interests are somewhat aligned.

When my husband and I were discussing how to celebrate our milestone wedding anniversary in a way that also included our young children, we finally opted for a hiking adventure.