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New Year Ruminations INDEPTH | FOCUS

New Year Ruminations

Members of the Board’s executive committee talk Club dining, value, Olympic opportunities and the importance of listening.

This month marks the seventh anniversary of the Club’s new Azabudai home. The Pelli Clarke Pelli-designed facility, opened on January 18, 2011, is the sixth clubhouse in the Club’s 90-year history.

Sowing Sustainable Futures INDEPTH | SCHOLARSHIP

Sowing Sustainable Futures

A Women’s Group-supported scholar raises crops in rural Japan in hopes of raising her African homeland out of poverty.

On a crisp December morning, Jenneh Korlison walks down the neat rows of a vegetable garden. Her booted feet sink into the black soil as soft as a Persian carpet.

Cooking Up Event Success INDEPTH | CATERING

Cooking Up Event Success

Armed with an impressive culinary résumé, Marybeth Boller has joined forces with the Club.

Simply listening to Marybeth Boller describe her recipes is enough to send my saliva glands into overdrive.

Food for Thought INDEPTH | NUTRITION

Food for Thought

A struggle with fruitless dieting ended when Anne Egros joined the Club’s nutrition program.

Anne Egros was incessantly counting calories and recording macronutrients on a smart phone app, but the weight wouldn’t budge.


Driveway Repairs

Repair work on the Club’s entrance driveway continues through the end of February.

Work will take place on weekdays (except national holidays), between 8am and 5pm.

First-floor parking will be unavailable during this time.

Member vehicles will be directed to the B1 parking area.

We apologize for any inconvenience.