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Help and Hand-Ups for Tokyo's Homeless INDEPTH | FOCUS

Help and Hand-Ups for Tokyo's Homeless

Sanyukai and the Big Issue are two Club-supported charities both dedicated to helping Tokyo’s homeless and destitute.

Traffic rumbles through the web of streets around Ikebukuro Station. Commuters stream toward the station’s myriad entrances that lead to their early-hour trains.

Steeped in Tradition INDEPTH | CULTURE

Steeped in Tradition

Set to speak at the Club this month, tea master Randy Channell Soei shares his journey in Japan’s world of urns and whisks.

"Know that chanoyu is simply a matter of boiling water, making tea and drinking it,” wrote Sen no Rikyu, who codified Japan’s tea ceremony into the art form known as chanoyu in the 16th century.

Stroke by Stroke INDEPTH | AQUATICS

Stroke by Stroke

One young Member’s journey from aquaphobe to water bug has seen him progress both in the Sky Pool and on dry land.

Poised on the edge of the Sky Pool, Isaku Takagi has the same thoughts he had before his first swim lesson three years ago. The 13-year-old worries if he’s fast enough, particularly with all the people watching.

Balancing Mind and Body INTOUCH | WELLNESS

Balancing Mind and Body

A newcomer to yoga, Member Matt Crabbe says a Club class has helped him to find flexibility and relief from nagging shoulder pain.

I think Covid changed everyone’s lives. When you’re sitting at home and you have three restaurants that are closed, you have a lot of time to think. After looking at myself in the mirror, I thought it was time to do something. I stopped drinking for a long time and decided to lose weight.

Harrow International ADVERTORIAL

Harrow International

Learning without limits in nature.

When a school is inspired by a centuries-old tradition of academic excellence; when it offers prospective students world-class education amidst a stunning natural setting; and when it features a cutting-edge campus that will be practically unrivaled in Japan, it’s only natural that it will draw attention. Harrow International School Appi Japan is such a school.