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The Road to Gold INDEPTH | FOCUS

The Road to Gold

A founding member of Japan’s heralded national gymnastics team reflects on his journey to Olympic stardom in 1964.

Shuji Tsurumi marveled at the Soviet athletes. Though the 1959 competition in Moscow was limited to college gymnasts, the 21-year-old Tsurumi couldn’t believe the skill, strength and size of his Russian counterparts.

Designing the Future INDEPTH | FOCUS

Designing the Future

Architect Kengo Kuma explains why his design for the main stadium at this summer’s Olympics is a departure.

The 10-year-old boy stood transfixed. Staring up at the dramatic, sweeping curves and dynamically suspended roof of the building before him, Kengo Kuma asked his father the name of the futuristic structure’s designer.

State of the Club INDEPTH | FOCUS

State of the Club

With the Club set to embark on an epochal year, the Club’s representative governor ruminates on being a “good steward of the asset.”

Tokyo resembled one giant construction site at the beginning of 1964. With the opening ceremony of Asia’s first-ever Olympic Games 10 months away, the city was consumed by a frenzy of development.

Bondage and Bushido INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Bondage and Bushido

In African Samurai, Thomas Lockley reveals the incredible story of a captive’s rise to warrior.

Nobunaga called for water and a brush. He commanded his guest…to strip to the waist.