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A Club for the Ages INDEPTH | FOCUS

A Club for the Ages

As Tokyo American Club celebrates its 90th birthday this month, a number of Members reflect on what the Club means to them.

On May 15, 1928, an American icon was born. Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse made his first appearance during a test screening in Hollywood. The cartoon failed to obtain distribution.

Lasting Ties Honorary President

Lasting Ties

The Club’s 90th anniversary presents an opportunity to reflect on my varied and lasting relationship with Japan and the US-Japan partnership writ large.

Birthday Brew INDEPTH | Sake

Birthday Brew

Premier sake brand Hakkaisan releases a commemorative sake for the Club’s 90th birthday.

Sake is much more than a drink in Japan. For hundreds of years, the rice-based alcohol has been an integral part of customs, sacred Shinto rituals and ceremonies. It has been used to mark seasons, pledge friendships, ward off evil spirits and celebrate milestones.

Sharing History INDEPTH | Reflections

Sharing History

Born the same year as the Club, longtime Member Clara Yonemoto looks back on a life touched by war, travel and the Club.

In the summer of 1928, when average temperatures were a full degree cooler, Yoshie “Clara” Yonemoto was born 5 kilometers north of the American Club’s inaugural Yurakucho quarters.