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Nurturing Ties INDEPTH | FOCUS

Nurturing Ties

Set to receive the Club’s Distinguished Achievement Award this month, former Japanese diplomat Ichiro Fujisaki discusses his four decades of navigating diplomatic waters.

It was just a few hours since tsunami waves triggered by a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake had slammed into Japan’s northeast coastline, and Ichiro Fujisaki was sitting through a commercial break under the bright lights of a CNN studio in Washington, DC.

Cultural Ambassador INDEPTH | CULTURE

Cultural Ambassador

Ahead of St Patrick’s Day on March 17, one Member explains his devotion to the Emerald Isle.

It all started with an ad in the newspaper. Hideki Mimura, the son of a Yokohama potato farmer, was perusing The Japan Times in 1990, when something caught his eye in the classifieds.

Hanging Around INDEPTH | FITNESS

Hanging Around

Suspension training is attracting legions of devotees. Club instructor Felix Gallego explains why.

Gripping a strap hanging from a ceiling bar in The Studio, Felix Gallego leans back. Pulling on the strap with his right hand, he raises his body and rolls his shoulder inward, as if grappling an invisible opponent.

Off the Charts INDEPTH | MUSIC

Off the Charts

Member and music producer Jeff Miyahara explains the art of discovering the next big thing.

While taking a bathroom break on his wedding day, Jeff Miyahara was informed by the president of Universal Music Japan that his song would be the company’s next hit.