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Engineering the Future INDEPTH | FOCUS

Engineering the Future

As back-to-school season kicks into gear, the Club’s own suite of tech-centric classes is helping to expand kids’ academic horizons.

Schools were shut and meeting with friends was out of the question. At the height of last year’s pandemic lockdowns and with little else to occupy himself, Enzo Saito turned to a familiar pastime: video games.

Apprentice of the Brush INDEPTH | ENRICHMENT

Apprentice of the Brush

With a new crop of horizon-expanding enrichment classes launching this month, one Member explains her years-long journey in a traditional pursuit.

Emily Okada motions to a framed painting that seems plucked from the walls of a Ginza gallery. The crisp lines of the kimono-clad geisha reaching for the delicate petals of a cherry blossom could easily pass as the adept work of a professional.

Design Details Indepth | Architecture

Design Details

TAC Talk speaker and Nihonbashi Club designer Daishi Yoshimoto talks form, function and favorite structures.

The Club made history on March 31 this year when it unveiled its inaugural satellite clubhouse. Those first across the threshold were struck by the facility’s blend of contemporary elegance and welcoming warmth.

Enduring Craftsmanship INDEPTH | CERAMICS

Enduring Craftsmanship

The Club reaffirms its ties with the pottery mecca of Mashiko in an exhibition at the Frederick Harris Gallery this month.

A two-hour drive north of Tokyo lies a small Tochigi town with a reputation that reaches far beyond the surrounding mountains. Mashiko is home to just 20,000 people and a style of pottery that draws collectors from around the world.

First in Class ADVERTORIAL

First in Class

Harrow Appi brings a landmark learning institution to Japan.

At its heart, education is not just the teaching of academic sub-jects, it’s a matter of building character and values. And doing this amidst an invigorating natural setting makes for an experience that young learners will recall for the rest of their lives. That is exactly what Harrow International School Appi Japan offers.


Heaven Can Wait

After a recent Okinawan vacation, one Member describes how a new oceanside resort already has her thinking about her next trip back to the island paradise.

White sand beaches. Crystal-clear tides. Burnished sunsets over an endless horizon.

Just when it seems as if nothing could be done to make an Okinawan getaway any more special, a Hawaiian-inspired resort comes along with guest villas close enough to the shore for the sound of breakers to lull guests to sleep.