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Uncorking Good Times INDEPTH | FOCUS

Uncorking Good Times

With the Club set to host another Seasonal Wine Taste-Off this month, INTOUCH looks at how wine is bringing Members together.

Like the many fine bottles in its collection, the Club’s wine program is improving with age. What began as a niche offering for diners decades ago is now a professional service that encapsulates restaurant wine lists, winemaker dinners and tastings, sommelier guidance, online and in-store offers and wine education.

Learning to Engage from the Stage Indepth | Toastmasters

Learning to Engage from the Stage

Two members of the TAC Toastmasters Club discuss the benefits of raising their public speaking game.

Speaking in front of people is a necessary part of the job for Paul Timmons. But as managing director of an IT company, he wanted to learn how best to do it. The Irishman turned to the Club’s Toastmasters group in July 2017.

Hermit Kingdom Insight INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Hermit Kingdom Insight

Set to speak at the Club this month, North Korea watcher Bradley Martin shares his thoughts on the future of the isolated state.

Little was known about North Korea in 1979. American journalist Bradley Martin was fascinated. After managing to gain accreditation to cover the World Table Tennis Championships in Pyongyang that year, he made the totalitarian state the focus of much of his career.

Rekindling a Dying Art Six Degrees

Rekindling a Dying Art

Club Member Neelu Jain explains her passion for the traditional Japanese craft of embroidered temari balls.

Soon after the earthquake in 2011, a friend of mine who used to take temari classes at the Club introduced me to the art. Later that year, one of the students from the class was selling temari at the International Bazaar. That’s when I first saw that they could be used, and I wanted to learn more.


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September 20–November 16

Congestion is anticipated during this period, so please plan your visits accordingly.