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Star-Spangled Spectaculars INDEPTH | FOCUS

Star-Spangled Spectaculars

Members share the family traditions and vacation memories that make July Fourth America’s biggest annual bash.

Founding Father John Adams was remarkably prescient when he contemplated what future Independence Day celebrations might be like.

Critical Support Indepth | Charity

Critical Support

During times of unprecedented uncertainty, Club-supported charities have done what’s necessary to give Japan’s most vulnerable somewhere to turn.

I used to think that if my Tokyo phone room was in trouble, my Osaka phone room would be my backup,” says Vickie Skorji, director of TELL’s Lifeline, Japan’s only English-language, mental-health crisis hotline. “Of course, the coronavirus meant that all of those locations were off-limits [for our phone operators].”

Down to Business INDEPTH | EDUCATION

Down to Business

How do you get ahead in the business world? For committed Club staff, it takes some help from Members and a unique, local program.

The presentation hinged on a strong opening from Masae Nakamura. The client was desperately looking for ways to partner with more expat businesses in Tokyo, so it looked to its staff for ideas.


Shifting Gears

A recent cycling convert, Member Spencer Wolfe shares his two-wheeled journey in Japan and beyond.

It’s two years now since I got into cycling. A guy was coming out of the Club and he had a funky-looking, British [foldable] bike—a Brompton—and I thought, “What is that?” And it got me thinking that it would be nice to get out and do stuff. I ended up buying a Brompton. 


Temporary Closure of Outlets

American Bar & Grill and Splash! are closed until further notice.

Please check the Keeping Your Club Safe page for details.