Arriving by car and parking at the Club is a stress-free experience, facilitated by friendly, efficient parking staff.

There are more than 200 mechanical and above-ground parking spaces at the Club, plus areas for motorbikes and bicycles.

Members wishing to park regularly at the Club should obtain a parking sticker from Member Services.

Arriving at the Club
Members who need to unload their vehicle are asked to inform the parking staff when arriving at the B1 parking area. The staff will direct them to the unloading area before placing their vehicle in the mechanical parking.

If there are no surface spots free for vehicles that won't fit in the mechanical parking, drivers should proceed to the 15-minute zone, where the staff will take their keys and park their vehicle when a space becomes available.

Members without parking stickers, as well as visiting guests, can park at the Club for a fee (see below).

Those Members sponsoring a parking guest should book a PPV permit online at least one day in advance. The Member must also meet the guest at the B1 entrance.

Parking spaces cannot be reserved, and PPV parking permits can be booked online or by calling 03-4588-0381.

Per-Visit Parking Fees

  • Additional registered vehicle of Member: ¥1,210 (car)
  • Member without parking sticker or Member's guest: ¥2,420 (car) | ¥660 (motorbike)

Fees are for one visit to Club premises only and apply to the mechanical parking structure, which is unable to accommodate some larger vehicles (please contact Member Services to confirm the full list).

Finding a place to park your car in Tokyo can be notoriously tough, but the Club’s first-rate parking facilities make everything from visiting the Fitness Center to grabbing a bite to eat hassle-free.

Under normal parking contracts, Members driving to the Club must remain on the premises throughout their visit—until now.

The Club is offering a limited number of full monthly mechanical parking spaces that allow Members to use the parking facilities as a second base for their vehicles.

Perfect for those living nearby the Club who would benefit from an extra parking space or Members who travel longer distances across Tokyo by car, this opportunity expands the Club’s already acclaimed parking services.

Visit Member Services (B1) to purchase the Club’s most flexible parking solution yet.


  • ¥66,000 per month
  • Vehicles must be compliant with the Club’s mechanical parking system (vehicles under this contract cannot use regular parking spaces).
  • Vehicles parked overnight are inaccessible outside of Club operating hours.
  • Parking spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Members can enjoy an evening at the Club without worrying about how they will get their car home.

Through the Club's overnight parking service, Members who spend a minimum of ¥2,500 (with alcohol) at a Club restaurant or Traders' Bar can leave their vehicle at the Club that same night for free.

Members should present their chit from the evening to the parking staff before leaving the Club.


  • The overnight parking fee of ¥2,420 is waived when Members present their Club dining chit showing a spend of at least ¥2,500 (with alcohol).
  • Members without a parking sticker are still subject to the daily per-visit parking fee of ¥2,420.
  • Members without a parking sticker should collect their car by 10am the following day. Vehicles not collected by that time will be charged another per-visit parking fee of ¥2,420.

The Club can accommodate 50 bicycles at the underground parking slots at the main entrance (B1). There are also spaces at the B3 entrance on Mamiana Slope.

Parking Rules

  • Bicycle parking is free and open to Members using the Club or attending an off-site Club event. 
  • Guests visiting the Club must park at the B1 bicycle parking area (also accessible from the North Gate on Mamiana Slope).
  • Overnight parking is only available at the B1 parking area. Members should inform Security or Member Services when leaving their bicycle overnight.
  • Members must register their bicycle with Member Services (B1). A parking sticker will be provided and must be affixed to the bike.
  • Members are asked to refrain from parking on the streets surrounding the Club.
  • Repeated violations of these rules may result in the suspension or loss of parking privileges.

A Club car wash service is available by reservation at Member Services (unavailable: December 29–January 4). Members must have a valid parking sticker and remain at the Club while their vehicle is being washed.

The service is provided by Azabu Car Shine.

What are the monthly parking options?
Under the parking system, “single” and “multiple” parking options refer to how many vehicles can be parked at the Club at one time. There are a limited number of multiple vehicle contracts that allow Members to park more than one vehicle. Those Members with single vehicle contracts are encouraged to register additional vehicles to make use of the option of driving a smaller vehicle that will fit in the mechanical parking.

How much are the parking options?

  • Single (¥7,150): allows one vehicle to be parked at a time and up to three vehicles to be registered.
  • Multiple 2 (¥10,450): allows two vehicles to be parked at the same time and up to three vehicles to be registered.
  • Motorcycle (¥1,650): allows one motorbike to be parked at a time.

Why can’t everyone park two or more cars at a time?
With increasing demand for parking, the Club does not have the capacity to accommodate so many vehicles. The number of multiple vehicle contracts is limited to 100.

When can I register for a multiple vehicle pass?
Members who have two parking passes will be offered to convert to a multiple vehicle contract first. The remaining contracts will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Can any vehicle be parked in the Club's mechanical parking?
Some vehicles may not be accommodated in the parking bays because of their height, width, weight, tire width or ground clearance (the Classic Mini Cooper, for example, is too low to the ground). Parking bay limits below:

  • Vehicle length: 5.5 meters
  • Vehicle width: 2.05 meters
  • Rim-to-rim width: 1.93 meters
  • Vehicle height: 1.8 meters (bays A & B); 2.05 meters (bay C: limited capacity)
  • Ground clearance: 12 centimeters
  • Vehicle weight: 2.5 tons

How can I check if my vehicle can be accommodated in the mechanical parking?
Member Services has a complete list of vehicles that cannot be accommodated. Please note that changes to a vehicle's size, such as a ski rack, bike rack or wider tires, may mean that it cannot be accommodated in the mechanical parking. The final decision will be made by the parking staff.

What if I need time to unload my vehicle before it is parked?
When you arrive at the B1 parking area, please inform the staff that you need to unload your vehicle. The staff will direct you to the unloading area and, once you are ready, move your vehicle into the mechanical parking.

What if my vehicle doesn’t fit in the mechanical parking and there are no surface spots available?
If there are no surface spaces free, please proceed to the 15-minute zone and speak to the parking staff, who will park your vehicle once a spot becomes available.

What happens if I park my vehicle in the 15-minute zone?
Members who park for longer than 15 minutes in the 15-minute zone will receive a parking violation. Those Members who receive three violations may lose their parking privileges for one month or longer.

What about guests who park at the Club?
The Pay-Per-Visit (PPV) parking system allows the Club to better manage parking availability. Only vehicles that fit in the mechanical parking can be accepted for PPV parking. On days when parking is approaching capacity, PPV requests may be suspended.

What are the other parking options?
There are several parking lots around the Club, including at Tokyo Tower and in the direction of Azabu Juban and Akabanebashi stations.