Traders' Bar

The Club's watering hole boasts classic American food, beer and sports on tap.

The stylish interior of Traders' Bar welcomes Members for afternoons and evenings of great drinks, chat, live sports on the high-definition screens (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL are all available) and American comfort food classics and sports bar favorites.

Traders' Bar serves a selection of craft beers and guest brews on tap and hosts regular weeklong food and drink specials for popular holidays or occasions, such as July Fourth and St Patrick's Day.

All broadcasts are live unless otherwise stated.

15 Soccer (Euro 2020): Scotland vs Czech Republic (3pm) replay
15 Soccer (Euro 2020): Spain vs Sweden (5pm) replay
15 Soccer (World Cup qualifier): Japan vs Kyrgyzstan (7:30pm)
16 Soccer (Euro 2020): Hungary vs Portugal (3pm) replay
16 Soccer (Euro 2020): France vs Germany (5pm) replay
17 Soccer (Euro 2020): Turkey vs Wales (3pm) replay
17 Soccer (Euro 2020): Italy vs Switzerland (5pm) replay
18 Soccer (Euro 2020): Denmark vs Belgium (3pm) replay
18 Soccer (Euro 2020): Netherlands vs Austria (5pm) replay
19 Soccer (Euro 2020): Croatia vs Czech Republic (3pm) replay
19 Soccer (Euro 2020): England vs Scotland (5pm) replay
20 Soccer (Euro 2020): Hungary vs France (1pm) replay
20 Soccer (Euro 2020): Portugal vs Germany (3pm) replay
20 Soccer (Euro 2020): Spain vs Poland (5pm) replay
21 Soccer (Euro 2020): Italy vs Wales (5pm) replay
21 Soccer (Euro 2020): Switzerland vs Turkey (3pm) replay
22 Soccer (Euro 2020): North Macedonia vs Netherlands (3pm) replay
22 Soccer (Euro 2020): Finland vs Belgium (5pm) replay
23 Soccer (Euro 2020): Croatia vs Scotland (3pm) replay
23 Soccer (Euro 2020): Czech Republic vs England (5pm) replay
24 Soccer (Euro 2020): Slovakia vs Spain (1pm) replay
24 Soccer (Euro 2020): Portugal vs France (5pm) replay
24 Soccer (Euro 2020): Germany vs Hungary (3pm) replay
28 F1: French Grand Prix (5pm) replay

(Depending on the season, live MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL games are often available during lunch hours.)