Traders' Bar

The Club's watering hole boasts gastropub eats, craft brews and sports on tap.

The stylish interior of Traders' Bar welcomes Members for afternoons and evenings of drinks, live sports (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL are all available) and a lineup of gourmet "pub grub," from bourbon-glazed buffalo wings and creamy hummus to artisanal pizza and hearty burgers.

As a hub for craft brews, Traders' is always on the lookout for exciting suds to share with drinkers.

Check the latest lineup of beers on tap through Untappd. And be sure to sign up for notifications, so you know when a new keg is in.

There's a tasty reason to stop Traders'  Bar every weekday evening from 5pm.


Bodega Patty Melt (¥1,900)
with pickles, caramelized onions, apple slaw and jalapeños

Taco Tuesday (¥3,000)
south-of-the-border buffet + one complimentary Mexican beer

Weekly Wings (¥1,300)
large serving

Pizza & a Pint (¥2,000)
any pizza + Asahi, The Premium Malt’s, Traders’ Session IPA or Corona (bottle)

Deep-Fried Oysters (¥300 each)
with smoked chipotle tartar sauce

All broadcasts are live unless otherwise stated. 

2 Rugby (World Cup): Australia vs Portugal (rebroadcast: 12pm)
2 Rugby (World Cup): South Africa vs Tonga (rebroadcast: 6pm)
6 Rugby (World Cup): New Zealand vs Uruguay (rebroadcast: 6pm)
7 Rugby (World Cup): France vs Italy (rebroadcast: 12pm)
8 Rugby (World Cup): England vs Samoa (rebroadcast: 12pm)
8 Rugby (World Cup): Ireland vs Scotland (rebroadcast: 5pm)
8 Rugby (World Cup): Japan vs Argentina (8pm)
9 F1: Qatar Grand Prix (rebroadcast: 6pm)
13 Soccer (International Friendly): Japan vs Canada (7:30pm)
15 Rugby (World Cup): Quarterfinal 1 (rebroadcast: 12pm)
15 Rugby (World Cup): Quarterfinal 2 (rebroadcast: 6pm)
16 Rugby (World Cup): Quarterfinal 3 (rebroadcast: 12pm)
16 Rugby (World Cup): Quarterfinal 4 (rebroadcast: 6pm)
21 Rugby (World Cup): Semifinal 1 (rebroadcast: 12pm & 6pm)
22 Rugby (World Cup): Semifinal 2 (rebroadcast: 12pm & 6pm)
23 F1: United States Grand Prix (rebroadcast: 6pm)
29 Rugby (World Cup): Final (rebroadcast: 12pm & 6pm)
30 F1: Mexico City Grand Prix (rebroadcast: 6pm)

  • Depending on the season, live MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL games are often available during lunch hours.
  • Until the Club is able to secure a college sports provider, Traders' Bar is unable to show any college football or basketball games.