Traders' Bar

The Club's watering hole boasts gastropub eats, craft brews and sports on tap.

The stylish interior of Traders' Bar welcomes Members for afternoons and evenings of drinks, live sports (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL are all available) and a lineup of gourmet "pub grub," from spicy Thai wings and creamy hummus to artisanal pizza and the best Reuben in Tokyo (see menus below).

Traders' Bar serves a selection of craft beers and guest brews on tap and hosts food and drink specials for popular holidays or occasions, such as July Fourth and St Patrick's Day.

As a hub for craft brews, Traders' Bar is always on the lookout for exciting suds to share with drinkers.

Check the latest lineup of beers on tap through Untappd. And be sure to sign up for notifications, so you know when a new keg is in.

Celebrating all kinds of drinks, Traders' also offers drink specials for every day of the week:


50/50 Martini (¥1,100) | Gibson (¥1,100)

Black Pepper & Ginger Paloma (¥1,100) | Limpieza Highball (¥1,100)

Rum Old Fashioned (¥1,100) | Bacon Old Fashioned (¥1,100)

Traders’ Session IPA (¥800 per pint)

Dark & Stormy (¥1,100) | Reverse Rye Manhattan (¥1,100)

Beefeater Gimlet (¥1,100) | Martin Miller’s & Preserved Lemon Tonic (¥1,100)

Zombie (¥1,100) | Jungle Bird (¥1,100)

All broadcasts are live unless otherwise stated.

25 Rugby Championship: New Zealand vs Australia (rebroadcast: 12pm)
25 Rugby Championship: South Africa vs Argentina (rebroadcast: 3pm)
27 NFL: Dallas vs New York Giants (rebroadcast: 6pm)

2 F1: Singapore Grand Prix (9pm)
4 NFL: LA Rams vs San Francisco (rebroadcast: 6pm)
9 F1: Japanese Grand Prix (2pm)
11 NFL: Las Vegas vs Kansas City (rebroadcast: 6pm)
18 NFL: Denver vs LA Chargers (rebroadcast: 6pm)
24 F1: United States Grand Prix (rebroadcast: 6pm)
25 NFL: Chicago vs New England (rebroadcast: 6pm)
31 F1: Mexican Grand Prix (rebroadcast: 6pm)

1 NFL: Cincinnati vs Cleveland (rebroadcast: 6pm)
8 NFL: Baltimore vs New Orleans (rebroadcast: 6pm)
15 NFL: Washington vs Philadelphia (rebroadcast: 6pm)
22 NFL: San Francisco vs Arizona (rebroadcast: 6pm)
29 NFL: Pittsburgh vs Indianapolis (rebroadcast: 6pm)

6 NFL: New Orleans vs Tampa Bay (rebroadcast: 6pm)
13 NFL: New England vs Arizona (rebroadcast: 6pm)
20 NFL: LA Rams vs Green Bay (rebroadcast: 6pm)
27 NFL: LA Chargers vs Indianapolis (rebroadcast: 6pm)

3 NFL: Buffalo vs Cincinnati (rebroadcast: 6pm)

  • Depending on the season, live MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL games are often available during lunch hours.
  • Until the Club is able to secure a college sports provider, Traders' Bar is unable to show any college football or basketball games.

Smash Double Cheeseburger

After wowing judges at this year's Japan Burger Championship, the Club's Smash Double Cheeseburger is available at Traders' Bar and American Bar & Grill through September 30.