fitness: squash


The Club has long been a center of squash in Japan and its three state-of-the-art courts continue to draw experienced players and novices alike.

There are opportunities to learn the basics of squash from a pro, fine-tune your game with a hitting partner, play competitively in the league or ladder, or try your hand at Squash 57, a format that features a bigger ball and shorter rackets (available for free from the Recreation Desk).

Regular events include social evenings, tournaments and the TAC Premier Classic, an annual Japan Squash Association-sanctioned, three-day competition.

T-shirts, shorts and socks are available for rent for no cost. Rental rackets (¥550), squash shoes, goggles, balls and stringing facilities are available at the Recreation Desk.

Installed in Squash Court 3, the interactiveSquash (iSquash) system is the first of its kind in Japan.

Its ball-tracking technology and immersive projection graphics transform the court into a digitally augmented playground or training facility.

Functions include fun games (perfect for young players new to squash), designed to improve hand-eye coordination, speed and strength, and skills and movement training with real-time feedback.

Players can also monitor their progress through a dedicated app.

Reserve your 45-minute slot (¥1,100) here.

Hone your racket skills or learn the basics of the game with one of the Club professionals.

Private: ¥4,400 (30 minutes)
Semi-private (pair): ¥2,750 per person (30 minutes)
Semi-private (trio): ¥2,200 per person (30 minutes)

Hitting Partner Practice
Give your game a boost through practice sessions with Club pro Rico Cheung and Ayumi Watanabe. Book at the Recreation Desk.

Private sessions
Rico Cheung (Squash Court 1): ¥3,300 (30 minutes)
Yusei Toki (Squash Court 3): ¥2,750 (30 minutes)
Yujin Ikeda (Squash Court 1): ¥2,750 (30 minutes)

Introduction to Squash
Families pick up the basics of the game through 20-minute sessions with Rico Cheung.
First Sunday | 4:30–6:30pm | free

Squash Ball Machine
Perfect your stroke with the Club's ball machine in Squash Court 1.

Weekdays: 7:20am–5:15pm
Weekends: from 11:40am
Reserve at the Recreation Desk

Played over six weeks, this popular league is organized so players of the same level compete against one another.

Monthly dues: ¥1,100
Find out more from the Recreation Desk

HitoshiHitoshi Ushiogi (Instructor)
Coaching experience: 43 years
Languages: Japanese, English
Availability: two Mondays per month: 5:30–8:30pm | two Thursdays a month: 5:30–8:30pm
Career: Professional since 1986, Japanese Olympic Committee member; Japan national squash team head coach; All-Japan Championships winner (1981–1994); created squash improvement course (2001)
Lesson fee: ¥4,400 (30 minutes)

RicoRico Cheung (Instructor)
Coaching experience: 25 years
Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Availability: Wed–Fri: 2–6:35pm I w-ends: 12:30–6:15pm
Career: Hong Kong Polytechnic University President Club tournament winner (multiple times); Hong Kong Squash-certified coach (level 1); Hong Kong Sports Institute-certified general sports theory coach (level 1)
Lesson fee: ¥4,400 (30 minutes)
Hitting partner fee: ¥3,300 (30 minutes)

Yusei Toki (Instructor)
Playing experience: 10 years
Languages: Japanese, English, Korean
Availability: Mon: 6:30–9pm
Career: Ranked 42nd in Japan; 41st Kansai Squash Championships third-place runner-up; 41st Kansai Inter-College Squash Championships runner-up
Lesson fee: ¥4,400 (30 minutes)
Hitting partner fee: ¥2,750 (30 minutes)

Yujin Ikeda (Instructor)
Playing experience: 10 years
Languages: Japanese, English
Availability: Tue: 1:30–6:35pm
Career: Ranked 6th in Japan (ranked top among juniors); ranked 9th in Asian under-19s; 2023 All-Japan Junior Under-19 champion, 2023 Korean Junior Open Under-19 champion; 2019 Scotland Junior Open Under-15 runner-up
Lesson fee: ¥4,400 (30 minutes)
Hitting partner fee: ¥2,750 (30 minutes)