Olimpyoga Happy Hour

An end of the day ashram experience.

What will I learn?
Divided into two parts, this class walks students through brief sessions of Vinyasa and meditative yoga to cool down from a hectic work week.

What are the benefits of this class?
Starts with a functional warm-up that then moves into a moderately-paced flow with adjustments. In the second part, students begin exploring more complex stages of meditation leading to a refreshed and relaxed mindset perfect to start the weekend.

Who will teach this class?  
Luiz Olimpio has been practicing yoga since 1999. He has trained in India with the nonprofit Yoga Alliance and holds regular meditation retreats in the Tokyo area and across Japan.  

Fri | 7–7:30pm (vinyasa yoga) & 7:30–8pm (meditation) | one fitness pass | capacity: 10

Book a Class
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