Eat Right

So much of weight-loss success is about what you eat. If you don’t take care of your diet, the pounds will stay put.

But help is at hand.

Club trainer and nutrition expert Takeshi Hirata can guide you through the challenges of nutrition and meal planning with his comprehensive Eat Right program.

“There are so many mixed messages out there that it’s difficult to figure out which advice to follow when it comes to healthy eating,” Hirata says. “Commercials tell you one thing, your friends tell you the opposite and doctors recommend against most of what you’ve heard.”

In combination with the Fitness Center’s Weight-Loss Challenge, Members will learn:

  • Meal-planning tips.
  • How to work fitness into a busy lifestyle.
  • How to enjoy food while losing weight.
  • Meal strategies when eating out.


Whether you select the full, 10-week plan or the monthly plan, Hirata will keep you on track through a lifestyle assessment, weekly monitoring, a personalized nutrition guide and a one-on-one consultation each month.

Take your first step to a leaner you by attending Hirata’s free introductory seminar on February 7.


  • Nutrition Seminar: Feb 7, 7–8pm
  • ¥88,000 (for 10 weeks)
  • ¥33,000 per month
  • Ages 16 & above
  • Members only

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