Violin (Fall)

Students build and develop correct posture, bowing and fingering techniques. 

What will I learn in this class?
Experienced students focus on advanced articulation through mentoring and practice. All levels of musical experience are welcome.

What are the benefits of class?
One-on-one musical sessions are customized to each student’s needs and personality. Learning the violin also helps students develop a deeper appreciation for music.

Who will teach this class?
Hana Hatakenaka is a concert violinist and violist with experience in Japan and Europe. She graduated from Tokyo College of Music and earned her master’s degree at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She was a member of the Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra as well as the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.


  • Sep 8–Dec 15 (14 weeks; no class: Nov 24)
  • Thu | 2:50–7:20pm (ages 4+) | ¥5,500/30 min lesson


Lesson time slot

  1. 2:50–3:20pm
  2. 3:30–4pm
  3. 4:10–4:40pm
  4. 4:50–5:20pm
  5. 5:30–6pm
  6. 6:10–6:40pm
  7. 6:50–7:20pm


Additional Information

  • Prices include consumption tax  
  • MR2 – Music Room 2 (2F)