Gentle Stretch

Learn the best way to stretch your core and limbs as well as proper breathing techniques to increase flexibility and stamina.

What will I learn in this class?
This class focuses on static stretches perfect for students who want to improve flexibility without engaging in high-stress workouts.

What are the benefits of this class?
Stretching every day stimulates blood circulation, helps prevent injuries and improves flexibility.

Who will teach this class?
Toshiteru Sako is a bilingual, Japan Stretching Association-certified personal trainer who provides stretching treatment at a Ginza clinic. He teaches at a private studio near Tokyo Tower and online.


  • Thu: 8–8:45am | 7–8pm
  • The Studio
  • Free
  • Guests: ¥1,320 per class (plus guest fee)
  • Private session: 45 minutes: ¥6,600 | 60 minutes: ¥8,800


By taking this class, Members accept the inherent risks of an activity where social distancing requirements cannot be followed, and they agree not to hold the Club liable in the case of injury, illness or contraction of Covid-19 during the class.