Coding: Game Design, Handheld Devices, and Drones (Winter–Spring)

Navigate the exciting world of code, from game creation to decoding the language of robots.

What will the students learn in this class?

Two seasons of coding excitement await young tech enthusiasts aged 7-18. As winter's chill sets in, students jump into the world of game design. They'll breathe life into handheld devices and microcontrollers, transforming micro:bits and MakeCode Arcade units into versatile game stations and expanding their creative and problem-solving horizons.

With the arrival of spring, the programming adventure shifts from game platforms to robots and drones. Young minds will take on the exhilarating challenge of controlling these cutting-edge machines, navigating complex puzzles and embarking on daring missions.

Who Can Join?
Whether it's a beginner taking the first leap or an experienced coder eager for the next challenge, Coding Lab covers all bases with its comprehensive courses, designed to suit every skill level.

Ages 7–10
Students navigate the exciting landscape of coding languages, such as Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode, to create games, augmented reality (AR) and more. Robots, microcontrollers and drones turn into playthings under their command. The learning goes deeper as they are introduced to Python, a popular text-based coding language.

Ages 11+
Students focus on using Python, used by 49% of developers worldwide, and advanced block-based programming, unlocking the potential to build mobile apps for iOS and Android. As they code games, augmented reality and AI, they also tap into the secrets of machine learning applications and expressive art projects. This exploration sharpens their computational thinking, deepens the understanding of computer science concepts and decodes complex algorithms.

Students can delve deeper into the world of tech by taking the other coding courses offered, such as Minecraft Coding, Roblox Coding, Minecraft Build & Creative Play and Junior Coding and Robotics.

What are the benefits of this class?
Unlocking a world of possibilities, coding empowers students as they journey through their educational journey and future careers. They acquire fundamental computer science skills and equip themselves with problem-solving expertise. Advancements in technology support their journey while creativity blossoms and confidence in tech grows. Students receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course.

Who will teach this class?
Coding Lab Japan is owned and operated by ex-Microsoft engineers. Teachers are handpicked for their technical abilities, coding backgrounds and passion for teaching young students.


  • Jan 10–Jun 5 (17 classes, no classes: Feb 14, Mar 20, Mar 27, Apr 3, May 1)
  • Wed | 5–6pm | Ages 7–10
  • Wed | 6:15–7:15pm | Ages 11–18
  • ¥99,110


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