The Golden 10

This year’s special Golden Week holiday deserves a celebration.

Enjoy 10 straight days of happy-hour prices on draft beer, wine and warm-weather cocktails at Traders’ Bar.

Draft Beer
Draft Beer ¥1,080
Asahi Super Dry ¥630 


Bottled Beers
Asahi Super Dry ¥540
Corona ¥540


Seasonal Wines (white or red) ¥700
Montes Classic Chardonnay ¥540
Montes Classic Cabernet Sauvignon ¥540


Chandon Brut Sparkling Wine ¥540


House Cocktails    ¥540
Gin & Tonic | Gin Buck | Gin Fizz | Gin Ricky | Gin Soda
Vodka Tonic | Vodka Soda | Moscow Mule | Screwdriver | Bloody Mary | Cosmopolitan | Salty Dog
Cuba Libre | Daiquiri | Malibu Coke
Margarita | Tequila Sunrise
Campari Soda | Cassis Orange

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