Fortnite Club Cup

You don't need to rely on Epic Games to prove that you have the chops for Battle Royale.


On May 18 in the New York Ballroom, 100 of the Club’s best soldiers, constructors, outlanders and ninjas duke it out to see which foursome can outlast and outgun all other challengers. Grab your friends and set your tactics as you climb the leaderboard in overall team kills and survival rankings.


“There’s a lot of strategy,” says young Member Walter Chuchro, part of a winning team at the March edition of the Club’s monthly Fortnite sessions. “There’s a lot of collaboration and teamwork.”


And for parents hawkish about limiting screen time, Chuchro, 10, knows there’s plenty more to the game than kill counts and button mashing.


“I met a lot of people at my school [through Fortnite],” says Chuchro. “That’s how I met the majority of my friends. You get better together.”


  • Ages 9–18

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