Gallery Reception: Moriji Murakami

Upon the closer kind of inspection Moriji Murakami’s works deserve, it becomes obvious how much more they are than seemingly simple paintings.

From August 6, Murakami’s dyed silk canvases and the infinite textures contained within come to the Frederick Harris Gallery for an engrossing exhibit.

Using dyes and techniques from Japan and Southeast Asia, including shades of Tyrian purple favored by nobility since the Roman Empire, Murakami achieves a density and depth of field to his pieces that ordinary pigments (and ordinary painters) could never achieve alone.


Gallery Exhibition

  • Aug 6–Sept 2

Gallery Reception

  • Free
  • Open to adults, invitees and Members only


 Meet the Artist

  • 11am–9pm
  • Aug 12, 18 & 15; Sep 1

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