Fabric Crane Workshop

The crane is a symbol of peace and long life in Japan.

What will I learn in this class?
Use colorful scraps of kimono fabric into lovely ornamental tsuribina cranes that will add a charming touch to any area of your home or office.

What is the goal of this class?
Students practice fabric-working techniques while exploring new areas of Japanese aesthetics.

Who teaches this class?
Mariko Yoshino has extensive experience teaching courses in tsuribina, tea ceremony, ikkanbari basket-making and ikebana flower arrangement.  A graduate of Japan Women's University, Yoshino has exhibited her work in Japan and New York.


  • Mar 17
  • 1:30–4pm
  • Jean Pearce Classroom
  • ¥3,500 (materials fee: ¥3,500 - ¥4,000)
  • Cancellation deadline: Mar 9