Building a Brand

What differentiates a brand from a regular company? What is brand recognition? And what qualities do successful brands share?

Find out at a free evening of dinner and discussion with Masahito Namiki (pictured), CEO of Interbrand Japan.

Interbrand, a New York-based marketing consultancy, is well known for its annual global brand rankings. Only two companies in its 2019 list—Coca-Cola and Microsoft—retained top 10 spots over the previous decade of rankings.

Namiki will explain what separates the top-ranked companies from their competitors, the power of brand recognition and the strengths of such European luxury brands as conglomerate LVMH.

The event will also feature a display of purchasable jewelry by co-sponsor Fred, one of LVMH’s brands, which will run a pop-up store at The Cellar from January 15 to February 15.

Give your business year a boost by signing up for an informative evening with an authority in the world of marketing.

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