Personal Trainer Session Booking

Work up a sweat safely at the Fitness Center by booking your personal training session in advance.

As part of the Club's new preventive safety measures, Members must reserve their workout spot either through the online reservation system or by phone.

Due to the sanitizing schedule, some machines are not available all day. Please check the schedule and corresponding zones below.

No more than 40 Members may use the machines and stretching area at any one time. After each session, Fitness Center staff will sanitize the space, including all machines.

Fitness Center Schedule

Fitness Center Guidelines

  • Face masks must be worn.
  • Sessions must be booked online or by calling the Fitness Center (03-4588-0266) or the Recreation Desk (03-4588-0681). E-mail reservations are not accepted. Sessions can be booked up to one week in advance from noon.
  • Before booking a session, confirm with your desired personal trainer that they are available at your preferred time.
  • Members can book no more than one session a day and are limited to three bookings a week for the same session time at the Fitness Center and Sky Pool.
  • Primary and Spouse Members may book slots on behalf of registered family members (ages 13 and above).
  • No more than three personal trainers allowed in the Fitness Center during each session. Personal trainers are exempted from the maximum capacity of the Fitness Center.
  • By registering, Members accept the inherent risks in activities where social distancing requirements cannot be followed, and they agree not to hold the Club liable in the case of injury, illness or contraction of COVID-19 during these activities.
  • Members must check in at the Fitness Center entrance to receive a basket with sanitation spray and a small towel for wiping down machines after use. After each session, towels must be returned to the towel bin and the basket and spray returned to the designated area.
  • Session Rates (All prices listed exclude consumption tax)
    Private: ¥6,000 (45 minutes or less); ¥8,000 (60 minutes); ¥12,000 (90 minutes)
    Semi-private (pair): ¥7,000 per person (60 minutes)
    Packages (10 sessions + 1 free): ¥80,000 (one person)
  • Cancellation Policy: No-shows or cancellations made within 24 hours of a scheduled session may be charged in full. If a personal trainer cancels within 24 hours of a scheduled session, a replacement session will be provided.
  • No more than four Members can use the stretching area at any one time. Stretching sessions are limited to 15 minutes.
  • Members are advised to wear their own workout gear and to avoid changing in the locker rooms. They are also recommended to leave the Fitness Center immediately after working out.
  • Towels available upon check-in (limit: two per Member).
  • Rental shoes are unavailable.

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