Essential Oil Yoga

Find bodily balance and well-being through sessions that blend essential oils and yoga.

What will I learn in this class?
Over four classes, students will practice the basics of yoga while learning how it is designed to "open" and align the body's seven so-called chakras or energy points.

Students will also discover how essential oils—aromatic compounds extracted from plants and used in aromatherapy—can help to reduce stress, boost your mood, promote better sleep and complement the benefits of yoga. 

At the end of each class, students will make their own essential oil spray for relaxing yoga sessions at home.

Who teaches this class?

Jenny Okamoto has taught more than 1,000 students of all ages over the last eight years. The Club Member, who studied yoga in the Indian city of Mumbai, is a certified yoga teacher and aromatherapist with the Aroma Environment Association of Japan.


  • Mar 15, 29 | Apr 5, 12
  • 10:30am–12pm
  • Beate Sirota Gordon and Haru Reischauer classrooms
  • Four classes: ¥15,500 (essential oil spray included)
  • Cancellation deadline: Mar 5


  • By registering, Members accept the inherent risks in activities where social distancing requirements cannot be followed, and they agree not to hold the Club liable in the case of injury, illness or contraction of COVID-19 during these activities.