Gallery Exhibition: Junichiro Baba

With one of man’s most delicate mediums, Junichiro Baba creates works of intricate beauty.

The art of glassblowing dates back nearly two millennia, making its techniques as rooted in history as they are difficult to master. For Junichiro Baba, gently working his brittle material into refined and imaginative forms is well worth the potential trouble.

At this exhibition, the internationally trained and educated artisan showcases the heights of glassblowing prowess with pieces spanning scope and size.

Artworks are available for purchase through The Cellar.

Artistic Thoughts


  • Moment I realized I wanted to become an artist.
    When I realized how to surrender myself to triggers of inspiration.


  • What I would tell my 20-year-old self.
    What’s impossible now will be possible soon. But what you can do now might not be possible in the future.


  • My perfect creative environment.
    A workshop where I can not only teach students, but where we all can learn from one other.


  • Artist, living or dead, I’d most like to share a meal with.
    Ken Carder [American glassblower] and Paul McCartney.


Gallery Exhibition

  • Apr 28–May 31
  • Frederick Harris Gallery (B1)
  • Open to Members and Member-accompanied guests

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