Gaja Wine Dinner with Giovanni Gaja—Postponed

Gaja’s reputation as a producer of premium Nebbiolo-based red wine—Barolo and Barbaresco—stretches far beyond the stunning environs of Piedmont, where the winery is located.

Established in 1859, Gaja is credited with revolutionizing winemaking in the northwest region of Italy and helping to raise Italian wine’s less-than-favorable, postwar image abroad.

The winery has gone on to produce award-winning varietals in Tuscany and, most recently, on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily.

Hosted virtually by Giovanni Gaja (pictured), the fifth-generation scion of the family dynasty, this dinner offers Members and guests an opportunity to learn about the enduring success of Gaja while sampling a selection of stellar wines.

“This is a wonderful job and I am very lucky,” Gaja says. “Being a winemaker means being able to keep one foot in nature and enjoy its beauty. At the same time, this job allows me to travel to different countries to promote the wines, meet people and discover new cultures.”

Anago Eel Fritto
arugula, roasted garlic, charred citrus
2018 Gaja Ca’Marcanda Vistamare, Tuscany

Sanriku Scallops
tuscan fennel pollen, smoked eggplant, sea urchin cream, micro basil
2019 Gaja Rossj Bass, Langhe

Lamb Ragu
paccheri pasta, maple-smoked bacon, mint, pecorino cheese
2017 Gaja Ca’Marcanda Magari, Bolgheri

Brasato al Barolo
saffron risotto, trumpet mushrooms
2016 Gaja Dagromis Barolo, Piedmont
2016 Gaja Barbaresco, Piedmont

Tarta Caprese
mascarpone, orange
Coffee or Tea

  • Dinner: 6:30pm (doors open: 6pm)
  • Members: ¥24,200
  • Guests: ¥29,040
  • Limit: two guest per membership  

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