Farm Box

Have organic, locally farmed vegetables and fruit delivered to your door.

Thanks to the Club’s new partnership with Ecoloupe, a Tokyo-based organic label and supplier, Members can sign up for weekly or biweekly deliveries of all-natural products, sourced from farms across Japan.

Each farm box, designed to feed a family of three or four, includes a selection of seasonal vegetable, fruit with an additional dry item, such as rice or flour. Once a month, subscribers also receive a newsletter of recipes.

Member Simon Grunberger founded Ecoloupe last year after struggling to find clearly labeled organic items when shopping.

“I was facing this issue every time I shopped,” he says, “and I was constantly second-guessing my choices, not knowing if what was labeled as organic truly was.”

Ecoloupe is based on the principles of transparency (all fruit and vegetables are tested to ensure they are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers) and traceability.

“We find our farmers through the Internet and word of mouth,” Grunberger says. “Once we establish contact, we like to visit them at their farm to see how they work.”

Sign up for this farm-to-fork service today.


  • Farm box: ¥4,000 a week (plus delivery)
  • Delivery (within Tokyo’s 23 wards): ¥1,450 (seasonal cool delivery); ¥1,100 (regular delivery)
  • Delivery (outside Tokyo’s 23 wards): ¥2,000 (seasonal cool delivery); ¥1,650 (regular delivery)
  • Initial Farm Box launch limited to first 75 subscriptions


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