Adult Aikido (Fall)

Aikido is a unique, Japanese martial art without competitions. We always try to ensure that the classes are fun while improving ourselves physically and men-tally.

Our adult classes are open to those 15 years and older and to anyone interested in working with others in an enjoyable atmosphere. No experience is necessary.

What are the benefits of these classes?
In Aikido we have partners, not opponents, and the key is working together with the partner so both can improve and the benefits of training are endless. With a focus on correct basics, balance, and posture results in the steady improvement of physical and mental conditioning in daily life. The level of concentration that a person focuses on aspects of their own body movements, as well as those of their partner, increases awareness and develops physical mobility.

What will I learn in these classes?
The emphasis on blending with an attack rather than meeting force with force, gradually helps develop an attitude of calm towards situations of physical or emotional conflict.

Aikido techniques come from a foundation of weapons training, in particular the jo (wooden staff), and bokken (wooden sword). In addition to body movements, students will focus on how to use the jo and bokken properly and their im-portance to Aikido.

Weapons training develops correct stance, posture, and a good understanding of distance. It also teaches timing so students learn when to move and sync with the partner to anticipate the next moves. Unlike regular Aikido practice, stu-dents can practice various forms at home on their own.

Who will teach these classes?
Classes are led by Paul Neuman (pictured), chief instructor of Pacific Aikido and fifth-degree black belt. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he has been teaching aikido to adults and children since 1991 and at the Club since 1999. As part of Pacific Aikido, the Club's aikido group is a registered dojo of the Aikikai Foundation-Aikido World Headquarters.

Sep 5–Dec 12
No class: Oct 17 and Nov 28
Cancel by: Sep 5, 9pm
Session fee: ¥42,900 (13 classes)
Ages15 & older

Sep 1–Dec 8
No class: Oct 20 and Nov 24
Cancel by: Sep 1, 9pm
Session fee:  ¥42,900 (13 classes)
Ages15 & older
*The start and finish time of this class can be slightly later if needed.


  • Trial class: contact Pacific Aikido to arrange
  • Make-up classes can be arranged at any Pacific Aikido location during the school year.
  • Uniforms & weapons: available from Pacific Aikido (from ¥8,000)
  • Prices include consumption tax


Class Safety
Classes follow the strict Club guidelines on hygiene and class size. The curriculum allows for no contact and social distancing. Depending on the wishes of each student's family, training can be conducted with some physical contact, weapons training with no contact, or a combination of the two.

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