Basketball Shooting Machine

Give your shooting game a boost with the Club’s Shoot-A-Way Gun 8000.

Available for rental use at the Gymnasium, the Gun 8000 basketball shooting machine is a widely used practice device with college and pro basketball teams.

Its collection net means the ball from any made or missed shot can be automatically returned to the player for another shot.

What’s more, the Gun 8000 has a timing device so players can set the direction, distance and speed of the return passes. The combinations are endless.

Whether you’re looking to hone your shooting skills or want an engaging, fun on-court workout, the Shoot-A-Way Gun 8000 is an ideal game partner.

  • Package of eight 30-minute sessions: ¥2,500 or one yellow Fit-tix ticket
  • One 30-minute session: one person: ¥1,200 or one blue Fit-tix ticket | two people: ¥600 per person | three people: ¥400 per person | four people: ¥300 per person
  • Reserve or cancel at the Recreation Desk at least 24 hours before desired or reserved time
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours before reserved time and no-shows will be charged in full
  • For ages 8 & above
  • Ages 8 to 11 must have a parent present at all times
  • All prices listed exclude consumption tax

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