Let’s Do Lunch

Your Club is bursting with nutrition-packed and incredible-value options for that middle-of-the-day break.

American Bar & Grill’s weekly lunch specials include a main, a nourishing soup or salad and a bottomless soft drink or iced tea.

Updated every two weeks, the hugely popular menu features hearty sandwiches, pasta, vegetarian and fish options.

Not to be outdone, the kitchen creatives at Rainbow Café and Café Med offer a weekday lunch combo that complements any main dish with a daily soup, side salad and drink selection for just an additional ¥280. And that's in addition to the restaurants' regular lineup of weekly chef specials.

With midday Club fare this good, the biggest challenge will be deciding what to eat.

Weekly Lunch Specials
American Bar & Grill & Traders’ Bar

Weekday Lunch Combo
Rainbow Café & Café Med

Weekly Chef Specials

Rainbow Café & Café Med

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