Japanese Garden Walks: Yokohama Sankeien

Sankeien is a traditional Japanese strolling garden. It was designed by Tomitaro (Sankei) Hara, a wealthy, Meiji-era businessman in the silk trade.

The spacious garden features wonderful trails, ponds and waterfalls, as well as a number of historically significant buildings from across Japan, including a three-storied pagoda from an old Kyoto temple and a thatched-roof house from Shirakawago in Gifu Prefecture.

After a lunch at Yokohama’s bustling Chinatown, participants are free to explore the city

Instructor: Kazuko Morio
Growing up in a house with a Japanese tea garden, where her grandmother taught tea ceremony, Kazuko enjoyed tending to the garden every day. She later developed her interest in gardens through study and her work as a certified guide and interpreter.


  • Wed
  • Apr 17
  • 8:30am–1pm
  • Meeting point: Shinagawa Station (JR travel office, Takanawa exit)
  • Class fee: ¥4,860 (includes entrance fee)
  • Additional fee: ¥1,400 for transportation & optional lunch
  • Cancellation deadline: Apr 10