Active Kids Fitness Class (Spring)

Terrific Tots (ages 2–3 years and 3 months) and Mighty Mites (ages 3–6 years) classes teach children introductory sports skills.

What will I learn in this class?
Activities help students increase body coordination, strength and energy. Youngsters become more independent and improve self-esteem as parents take more passive roles in class.

What are the benefits of this class?
For the Terrific Tots class, teaching physical skills is a top priority. Children also learn social skills, as youngsters become good listeners, follow directions and cooperate in a group.

The Mighty Mites program features more complex games, which leads to increased strength, enhanced fine motor control and improved hand-eye coordination.

Who teaches the class?
My Gym’s unique training program is dedicated to providing your child with a unique and enjoyable experience, whilst building their physical, social and mental skills. Our English-language instructors are recruited globally from sports, gymnastics and child care backgrounds and are trained accordingly to utilize their skills.

Terrific Tots: 2–3 yrs | Apr 3–Jun 5 | Wed | 2:30–3:15pm | 10 classes | Cancel by Apr 3 | ¥32,400
Mighty Mites: 3–6 yrs | Apr 3–Jun 5 | Wed | 3:15–4pm | 10 classes | Cancel by Apr 3 | ¥32,400


  • Terrific Tots classes require parent participation.
  • Minimum 3 students required per class. If the minimum is not met, sections will combine to the 3:15–4pm timeslot. Participants will be notified of this change ahead of class start.
  • Prices include 8 percent consumption tax.