Weekend Buffet: Korean

The late American celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain loved Korean food.

In one interview, the author of Kitchen Confidential called it “delicious and exciting” while praising it for its “whole spectrum of flavors.”

At this month’s Rainbow Café weekend buffet, chefs prepare a selection of mouthwatering dishes from the Korean peninsula, including spicy tteokbokki rice cakes, barbecued beef bulgogi, Korean roasted chicken and stir-fried japchae glass noodles.

This à la carte menu-free lineup even extends to a selection of salad items and soups.


  • Adults (18 & above): ¥3,300
  • Ages 12–17: ¥2,500
  • Ages 7–11: ¥1,050
  • Ages 4–6: ¥750
  • Ages 3 & under: complimentary

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