Summer Porchetta at Café Med

Calling all foodies! Summer just got a lot tastier with our limited-edition, Italian delicacy at Café Med.

Our mouthwatering Umbrian pork is slow-roasted to perfection and seasoned with sea salt, garlic and a touch of peperoncino chili.

“Porchetta is a special dish particular to central Italy,” says Lindsay Gray, the Club’s executive chef. “We will be making an Umbrian version, which is identifiable by a floral scent of fennel pollen. The porchetta from Rome is more of a garlic and rosemary version.”

The pork’s rich flavors and succulent textures, paired with focaccia and salad, make for a memorable summer dinner. And why not complement it with a glass of 2020 Citra Vini Silene Rosso from Café Med’s menu?

Buon appetito!

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