Japanese Garden Experience: Moss Garden

Moss has long been an essential element of the traditional Japanese garden.

This flowerless plant expresses the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, with its celebration for transience and imperfection.

After learning about Japanese garden design, how the various types of moss are incorporated into gardens and famous examples in Japan, create your own miniature version in a terrarium to take home.

Easy to make and maintain, a miniature moss garden only requires watering once a month.

Kazuko Morio is a member of the Garden Society of Japan and a Japan Gardening Society-certified garden designer. She is also a licensed national guide-interpreter. She lectures and provides walking tours to Japanese gardens. Her clients include garden enthusiasts, international students and tour guides. The Club Member discussed her passion for Japanese culture in the October 2021 issue of INTOUCH.


  • Feb 7
  • 10:30am–12pm
  • Toko Shinoda and Yukiko Maki classrooms
  • ¥4,950
  • Additional materials: ¥3,000–¥5,000
  • Non-Connections members are charged an additional registration fee of ¥3,500 (waived for Connections members).
  • Cancellation deadline: Jan 31