Gallery Exhibition: Mutsuko Yawatagaki

The Frederick Harris Gallery welcomes one of Japan’s top quilters for an exhibition of textile wall hangings.

Hailing from Shimane, on the Sea of Japan, Mutsuko Yawatagaki gleans inspiration from the prefecture’s rich history and natural scenery to create eye-catching works.

Using Western and Asian techniques, she transforms old kimono fabric (up to 300 years old) into works of art.

“Through various techniques, such as dyeing, embroidery, quilt patchwork and appliqué, I offer a glimpse of the Japanese aesthetic in my works,” Yawatagaki says.

She is the founder of the Izumo Museum of Quilt Art in her home prefecture of Shimane, and her works have been exhibited at Tokyo’s Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Quilt Museum in Kentucky.

Visitors to the Library can also admire Yawatagaki’s work on display there.

In addition to her exhibition, Yawatagaki will be hosting a silk kimono table mat workshop at the Club on April 3.

Artistic Thoughts

Moment I realized I wanted to become an artist.  
There was no specific moment, but as a child I wore handmade clothes from my mother and spent my 20s as a fashion designer. These experiences inspired me to create with textiles.

What I would tell my 20-year-old self.  
All the people and textiles that you will encounter will lead you to a world you could never have imagined.

My perfect creative environment.  
I have a studio in Unnan in Shimane Prefecture. The prefecture retains much of Japan’s traditional scenery, and the beauty of the changing seasons touches my heart. I hope this natural environment continues to inspire me in the creation of new works.


  • Exhibition: Apr 2 (6pm)–May 7 (2pm)
  • Reception with sake tasting provided by Izumo City: Apr 2 (6:30pm)
  • Members only
  • Artworks available for purchase through Member Services.


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