Gallery Exhibition: Mino Watabe

Tokyo-based artist Mino Watabe is blending the hustle of city life with the tranquility of nature.

Drawing on her childhood spent exploring botanical gardens, Watabe combines urban themes and organic motifs in her art, creating pieces that make viewers reconsider the relationship between nature and the man-made.

In her exhibition at the Frederick Harris Gallery, Watabe takes her experiences of Tokyo's dynamic contrasts and translates them into captivating visual stories.

“My wish is to create paintings that can be viewed in different ways depending on the person standing in front of it,” proclaims the Tama University graduate.

Watabe’s work has been recognized with awards, such as the 19th Ichiro Fukuzawa Award and the 2022 Terrace Art Shonan Award.

Her exhibition at the Club is available for viewing from May 8 through June 3.

Artworks are available for purchase through Member Services. 

Artistic Thoughts

Moment I realized I wanted to become an artist.
My final year of high school.

What I would tell my 20-year-old self.  
Don’t be afraid of anything, believe in yourself and push ahead. Even mistakes will lead to a wonderful future.

My perfect creative environment.  
A very large studio where I am surrounded by the motifs I paint.

Artist, living or dead, I’d like to share a meal with.
Georgia O’Keeffe, David Hockney and Mark Rothko


  • Exhibition: May 8 (6pm)–Jun 3 (2pm)
  • Reception: May 8 (6:30pm)
  • Open to all Members
  • Artworks available for purchase through Member Services.



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