Trainer Spotlight: Hideaki Hongo

Club trainer Hideaki Hongo specializes in a transformative approach to fitness that goes beyond traditional training methods.

With expertise in Yamuna Body Rolling, aroma therapy and massage therapy, he offers a unique blend of care focused on expanding the body’s range of motion, improving flexibility and ensuring proper body alignment.

Through years of athletic experience, he has developed techniques aimed at decompressing joints and stretching muscles to combat common misconceptions about the inevitability of pain and stiffness.

As a certified specialist in both body rolling and therapeutic practices, Hongo guides his clients towards achieving their optimal level of physical health.

Member Testimonial
“Initially starting my training journey with Hide in 2016, I was preparing for a hiking trip in Patagonia and sought an overall health improvement. Hide has ensured I've remained injury-free by implementing exercises that focus on balance, full-body engagement and a wide range of motion. He also includes Yamuna Body Rolling and stretching to promote flexibility. Many have noticed improvements in my posture and overall fitness, and I feel amazing after every session.” Jenifer Rogers

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