Craft Beer Tasting

Switch up your midweek routine with a hops-themed celebration at the Club's local craft beer festival.

Sample the unique, hop-rich brews from seven Japan-based, American-influenced breweries (see below) before rating your favorite.

The beer with the most votes from the lineup of 14 will then take up “pump” residence at Traders’ Bar and Nihonbashi’s Muromachi Bar & Lounge for three months.

Beer enthusiasts will get to learn about each frothy concoction from the breweries between visits to the buffet of brew-paired bites, including maple bacon burgers, nachos, pickle focaccia pizza, and jamón iberico ham croquettes.

Brewery Lineup


Put your taste buds to work at an all-you-can-eat-and-drink evening of hops craftsmanship.


Craft beer provided by

Cardinal Trading, Ezo Beer, West Coast Brewing, Great Dane Brewing, AQ Bevolution, Devil Craft, Baird Beer


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