Gallery Reception: CWAJ Associate Show

The College Women’s Association of Japan (CWAJ) has been showcasing the finest examples of contemporary hanga prints at its annual Print Show for more than 60 years.

Proceeds from print sales help fund the organization’s scholarship program and other relief projects.

Preceding the Print Show each year is the CWAJ Associate Show, held at the Frederick Harris Gallery.

This year’s show, titled “Beyond the First Impression: Prints from Cover Artists,” runs from October 16 to November 5.

As the name implies, it features artists whose prints have adorned Print Show catalogs over the years.

The exhibition features the prints of more than 30 artists, ranging from established masters like Toko Shinoda, who has been making art for almost a century, to emerging artists like Ikumi Okada, 2014’s young printmaker of the year, whose print graced the cover of last year’s catalog.

All prints on display were chosen to offer a new perspective on the artists’ styles, making the show not only a celebration of the CWAJ’s history, but also an inspiring exploration into the creative worlds of the cover artists.

Gallery Exhibition

  • Oct 16–Nov 5

Gallery Reception

  • Free
  • Open to adults, invitees and Members only

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