Napa Vintner Wine Dinner

Wine lovers are in for a treat at this celebration of California’s famed wine region.

Sponsored by Napa Valley Vintners, this dinner features varietals from nine Napa wineries, including the likes of Rombauer Vineyards, Pine Ridge Vineyards, Preciado and Silenus Winery.

Ahead of the evening, Scott Meadows, Silenus’s general manager, discusses the business of making wine.

How important are these kinds of dinners for wineries such as yours?
Meadows: Having the opportunity to share our wines with enthusiastic wine consumers is always important to the winery. This is even more true and special when we can do it while pairing them with an outstanding wine-inspired menu. A wine dinner allows the attendees to try our wines as they are meant to be enjoyed: with good friends, food and conviviality.

In an increasingly competitive market, what is the potential of the Japanese market?
Meadows: The Japanese wine market is one of the most sophisticated in the world. While wine has been in Japan a long time, younger generations have embraced all kinds of wines from all over the world and integrated them into their daily life. This makes the Japanese wine market a very dynamic and rewarding place. This trend is only continuing and strengthening, so I believe the Japanese wine market will continue to grow and be one of the top markets in the world for Napa wines for years to come.

What can Members expect from this dinner?
Meadows: I think attendees can expect an amazing wine-inspired evening of food along with some of the best wines Napa has to offer. It will be a chance to try many Napa wines side by side and experience the diversity and terroir of the Napa Valley.

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