Harrow International

Harrow International

Learning without limits in nature.

When a school is inspired by a centuries-old tradition of academic excellence; when it offers prospective students world-class education amidst a stunning natural setting; and when it features a cutting-edge campus that will be practically unrivaled in Japan, it’s only natural that it will draw attention. Harrow International School Appi Japan is such a school.

Purpose-Built “Digital Campus”

Set to open in August 2022 at a campus in the scenic mountains of Iwate Prefecture, Harrow Appi will allow students to be able to safely enjoy the region’s two distinct seasons—“White” and “Green.” It features one of the largest ski resorts in Japan, a 36-hole golf course as well as running and mountain bike trails, allowing for programs in a variety of outdoor skills. The school’s purpose-built digital campus will boast a Music School and Creative Arts Centre, an indoor swimming pool, an Innovation Hub (STEM) and indoor and outdoor sports courts.

450 Years of Educating Leaders
Catering for students aged 11 to 18, as a full boarding school, Harrow Appi closely mirrors the experience of studying at Harrow School in the United Kingdom, one of the world’s most esteemed educational institutions. It has produced figures who have gone on to influence world history,including Lord Byron, Winston Churchill and Jawaharlal Nehru. At capacity, Harrow Appi will accommodate more than 900 boarders from a wide range of countries enjoying comfortable boarding houses as their home away from home.

Close Personal Tutoring
At Harrow Appi, all students receive individualized support for their studies and their personal and social development. The renowned Harrow “House System” ensures each student receives “Close Personal Tutoring” due to the deep ties between each girl or boy and their house master or mistress, house tutors and teachers, building an education focused on four values: courage, honor, humility and fellowship. The school is famed for engendering the qualities young people need to excel at a top university and thrive in adult life.

Springboard to Top Universities
Harrow Appi will offer a British curriculum, preparing students for the IGCSE and A Level examinations. AISL Harrow International schools have an extraordinary track record of examination success and university placement. Learning will occur in classrooms and outdoors: science students can observe natural phenomena first-hand, and creative students can capture the essence of the environment in unique visual art forms.

Meeting the Harrow Appi Team
Across 20 years, the school’s founding Head, Mick Farley, has led four international schools to success, including the British School in Tokyo (Farley was also a Tokyo American Club member) and Harrow Bangkok. Originally an outdoor pursuits instructor, he’s thrilled to lead a Harrow school in the Japanese mountains.

In August 2021, an exclusive group of families became the first to visit the Harrow Appi campus, touring the facilities in hardhats and enjoying a one-on-one online session with Farley. Many families remarked that they had never seen an international school in Japan so well designed to support learning and in such a beautiful setting.

Families also saw the school’s surroundings and got a taste of the outdoor learning experiences that will be available. The opportunity for their children to enjoy a British boarding school experience in a beautiful setting, backed by the proven track record of AISL Harrow Schools, was well received. Many families secured places on the school’s pre-testing program.

Values-Based Education
It’s evident the school will set a new benchmark for international education in Japan and other parts of Asia, assuring high academic standards and the development of values and leadership attributes through great teaching and outdoor adventures.

In November, Harrow Appi will be holding a special event for Tokyo American Club Members. For event details, click here.