The New Way to Work

The New Way to Work

Regus offers diverse workspaces and community connections.

Business styles have been transformed during the pandemic.

Remote and hybrid formats are still very much in play, and employees have become used to the free­dom that they offer. Flexibility is key when it comes to office arrangements, and Regus is poised to deliver.

The company specializes in providing serviced office spaces, coworking areas, meeting rooms and virtual offices. A pioneer both globally and in Japan—where it has operated since 1998—Regus is the largest provider of serviced offices in the country and one of the largest in the world.

As Noelle Coak, Regus’ managing director for Japan and Taiwan, explains, the company has been aware of how its customers are changing their work styles: “What we have seen in a lot of our markets is that our remote areas are starting to fill up more because people are working from home and employers are giving them a choice to work closer to their homes.”

With locations as far north as Aomori and Sapporo and as far south as Okinawa, Regus can meet these needs. The company offers spaces for businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals. In addition, it has a membership system that allows people to flexibly use a variety of locations throughout the country, which are conveniently situated close to major train stations.

Regus’ newest and most impressive offering is Signature Roppongi Hills, which opened this April. This luxurious space offers an array of concierge style services, as well as comfortable lounge areas where members can take a break during the day, relax after work with a drink or mingle with other members.

What makes Regus stand out among office space providers is that it focuses on finding the ideal property for its customers’ needs, Coak explains. “It’s not just about selling office space. Sometimes people come in thinking they need an office, but we don’t sell them an office. Because after understanding what their needs are, we see they might be a better fit to join one of our memberships or perhaps a virtual office. Our teams have been trained to understand how people are working, and then we develop the product that matches the needs of how they’re working today.”

The other hallmark of the Regus experience is the role of community, which is even more important when people are away from traditional working environments. Throughout its locations, Coak explains, Regus gives its customers the opportunity to connect and build new business ties. “When you become a Regus customer, you have the key to meet with other customers, thanks to our community events. And all of these are about getting people together, so they can network and find other business partners and new customers for their businesses.”

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