Tasty Tweaks

Tasty Tweaks

Based on Member feedback, the Club is rolling out an enticing slate of upgrades for diners.

The annual membership survey, conducted each September, allows Members to offer feedback that helps the Club craft an experience that exceeds expectations.

More than 2,000 suggestions for improving food and beverage services were received, along with hundreds more through the online Tell TAC portal.
With so many ideas circulating, the Club’s assistant Food & Beverage director Antonio Villasmil shares changes that will be rolled out in the coming months.

What changes are planned and how has Member feedback guided them?
Villasmil: Member suggestions are critical to helping us provide the best possible service. While we are pleased to see the high overall score on the latest survey, there is always more we can do to improve the experience. When it comes to our restaurants, Members have told us that they would like better service, greater variety and more distinction among outlets. We’re responding to this with a series of changes to menus and offerings, as well as enhanced training for our teams.

Are these changes permanent?
Villasmil: That will depend on how Members feel about them. Feedback and suggestions helped craft the changes, and the same will be true of how they evolve. March will serve as a trial period during which we will gather input through a questionnaire, easily accessed through a QR code available at all outlets. We will use this feedback to determine if a particular change was well received, needs adjustments or if we should go back to the drawing board.

What new flavors and offerings can Members expect?
Villasmil: If you’ve been enjoying the regularly changing chef specials at Rainbow Café, you’ll be pleased to know that our culinary team will now create biweekly themes, such as East Coast eats or Southern sensations. A unique sandwich will be crafted for each.

We will upgrade the breakfast bar to include a choice of bacon or sausage with two eggs in any style. Assorted pastries will be added alongside the Club’s new small-batch-roasted Streamers coffee. Lunch and dinner combos will also be upgraded.

Another addition will be a new Family Sunday Brunch buffet with a spread of flavorful delights.

Will it be easier to get a table in family dining?
Villasmil: This is one of the most frequent questions we receive. We’re thrilled that these spaces are so popular with Members and have looked at ways to shorten the often-long wait list during busy periods, such as weekends and holidays. To ensure that space is available, beginning March 1, we will kindly ask Members to limit groups to 12 people. For larger groups, the events team can make arrangements in one of our private spaces, where we can cater to your specific needs and ensure the very best experience for your gathering.

Image of Rainbow Café: Jeff Goldberg

Will there be changes to restaurant hours?
Villasmil: While certain outlets will be closed during idle time so that we can focus on staff training, Rainbow Café, the Winter Garden and Traders’ Bar will operate as usual. In fact, Traders’ will have extended hours on Fridays, staying open until 11pm. The Cellar will also keep its usual schedule for your grab-and-go needs. Although we realize the reduced hours at some outlets might be an inconvenience, we ask for your support during this period so that we may work to improve our team. The result will be better overall service and increased efficiency.

Are these changes going to cost more?
Villasmil: With new and improved coffee, expanded product offerings, other enhancements and adjustments for inflation, Members will notice some small price increases. We feel strongly, however, that the experience and value these additions will bring will make up for any price changes.

How can Members continue to shape the Club’s dining experience?
Villasmil: I’d like to stress again that these changes are being rolled out on a trial basis. We look forward to hearing what Members think and if we are meeting expectations. When a Member suggests something to me, I’m always looking at how we can put that in action, so that they can see, feel, taste and enjoy the impact of sharing feedback. So, please be sure to complete the questionnaire during March. Your voice will determine how we evolve the Club’s dining options in 2024.

Words: C Bryan Jones
Top Image of Antonio Villasmil: Clara Garcia

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