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Help and Hand-Ups for Tokyo's Homeless INDEPTH | FOCUS

Help and Hand-Ups for Tokyo's Homeless

Sanyukai and the Big Issue are two Club-supported charities both dedicated to helping Tokyo’s homeless and destitute.

Traffic rumbles through the web of streets around Ikebukuro Station. Commuters stream toward the station’s myriad entrances that lead to their early-hour trains.

Navigating the New Business as Usual INDEPTH | FOCUS

Navigating the New Business as Usual

Spurred by pandemic-induced upheaval, several Members explain how the Club has helped them to embrace the new normal of doing business.

When Cody Kroll was appointed his American recruitment company’s country manager for Japan, his remit was clear: establish and expand a team of motivated salespeople and support staff.

Engineering the Future INDEPTH | FOCUS

Engineering the Future

As back-to-school season kicks into gear, the Club’s own suite of tech-centric classes is helping to expand kids’ academic horizons.

Schools were shut and meeting with friends was out of the question. At the height of last year’s pandemic lockdowns and with little else to occupy himself, Enzo Saito turned to a familiar pastime: video games.

Doses of Optimism INDEPTH | FOCUS

Doses of Optimism

The volunteers behind the Club’s historic Covid-19 vaccination center chart the efforts to bring the idea to life-saving fruition.

All Lori Arnet could do was sit and watch as friends and family back in the United States received their first Covid-19 vaccine shots earlier this year. But flying back home to Southern California for a jab—like so many others were doing—seemed like too much of a risk.

The Road to Tokyo INDEPTH | FOCUS

The Road to Tokyo

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games finally getting underway later this month, two sports chiefs discuss their work to keep preparations on track.   

When word came down last year that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics would be postponed, the first thing Koji Murofushi did was to look for similar incidents in the Games’ 124-year history.