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Tying the Knot INDEPTH | FOCUS

Tying the Knot

The Club’s wedding planners specialize in crafting celebrations as unique as the couples in the spotlight. 

On a sun-drenched afternoon in October 2013, a bride and groom sipped three times from the same three cups of sake. Within Miyajima’s iconic Itsukushima Shrine, the couple maintained a stately comportment in traditional kimono, as a handful of family and friends watched Shinto priests guide their every move.

Seven Dynamic Decades INDEPTH | FOCUS

Seven Dynamic Decades

As the Club’s Women’s Group celebrates its 70th anniversary, members reflect on how the community has shaped their lives in Tokyo.

Trailing spouse. Accompanying partner. Expat wife. These were once the standard definitions of women uprooted from their homes and left to forge meaning from their new lives abroad. If the passive overtones of these terms seem an imprecise match for the women of today, don’t blame the shift on political correctness.

Happy Campers INDEPTH | FOCUS

Happy Campers

As the Club’s summer camp season nears, young Members talk fun in the sun, field trips with friends and new ways to grow.

At the turn of the 20th century, American parents began to worry that rapid industrialization and urbane society would overcoddle their children. The only solution, they reasoned, was to send the younger generation back into what remained of the frontier forests for weeks of axe handling, orienteering and rugged character building.

Helping Mend Minds INDEPTH | FOCUS

Helping Mend Minds

With mental health emerging from the shadows, INTOUCH examines the support and counseling work of TELL, the beneficiary of the Women’s Group’s Carpet Auction on February 2.

Read a hundred stories on mental health in Japan and you’ll see the same disembodied declarations a hundred times: startlingly high suicide rates, low access to affordable treatment and an oppressive stigma on discussing the topic at all.