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Island State of Mind INDEPTH | MUSIC

Island State of Mind

Set to perform at this month’s Okinawan-themed First Friday bash, sanshin player Hidekatsu Miyazato describes how music helped him reconnect with home.

Hidekatsu Miyazato didn’t know what home was until he left it behind.

Off the Charts INDEPTH | MUSIC

Off the Charts

Member and music producer Jeff Miyahara explains the art of discovering the next big thing.

While taking a bathroom break on his wedding day, Jeff Miyahara was informed by the president of Universal Music Japan that his song would be the company’s next hit.

Rock Apostle INDEPTH | MUSIC

Rock Apostle

The founder of a website devoted to all things rock and heavy metal, Club Member Stefan Nilsson explains why Motörhead’s Lemmy is god.

Four American rockers, in outrageous outfits and black-and-white makeup, opened the door. Stefan Nilsson was about 10 years old when he first heard the music of cult American rock band Kiss. The Swedish boy was transfixed.

Country Chanteuse INDEPTH | MUSIC

Country Chanteuse

A onetime teenage karaoke queen in Tokyo, Member Danni Rosner is now performing to real audiences in the United States.

As a middle schooler Danni Rosner belted out Disney tunes at karaoke lounges in Shibuya. More than a decade later, she performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of thousands of baseball fans at LA’s Dodger Stadium.