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Hub of Health feature

Hub of Health

With the newly expanded Fitness Center set to unveil a set of upgraded fitness machines this month, iNTOUCH examines how the Club is helping Members adopt healthy habits.

Forty-two new fitness machines. Seventy square meters of additional space. The new-look Fitness Center will allow Members to tap into technology, customize their workout and exercise on the latest cardio and strength-training machines.

Bighearted Young Citizens feature

Bighearted Young Citizens

Last year, US President Barack Obama extolled the “extraordinary impact” volunteers have on society. Four young Members explain why they volunteer.

Elliott Hikaru Henry stood at the front of a sweltering classroom in the impoverished Banan district of Cambodia. The students, whose ages were difficult to determine due to a lifetime of malnourishment, clambered on top of their worn desks, eager to participate.

Football Frenzy feature

Football Frenzy

NFL’s annual Super Bowl extravaganza might receive the media attention and money, but for many sports fans across the United States, nothing can top the thrills and spills of college football.

They call it the Hawk Walk. Two hours before kickoff, the promenade leading to the players’ entrance of the University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium becomes a river of black and gold. Fans, clad in the colors of the Hawkeye football team, welcome the players as they step down from the team bus.

A Home for the Future feature

A Home for the Future

As the Club celebrates its fifth birthday in its Azabudai home this month, iNTOUCH traces its inception back to the 1990s.

The 7.3-magnitude earthquake that struck Kobe in the predawn hours of January 17, 1995, not only decimated the port city, but also forced Japan’s engineers to rethink some of their principles of quakeproof construction.

Japan’s Rising Son feature

Japan’s Rising Son

Tennis star Kei Nishikori is set to receive the Club’s Sportsman of the Year award at a ceremony this month.

Kei Nishikori’s legs were seizing up. It looked like New York’s energy-sapping heat was about to claim another victim. During the fourth set of the tennis player’s first round match at the 2008 US Open, the cramp in his legs became so unbearable that he was forced to call his trainer for help.