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Tasty Tweaks indepth | dining

Tasty Tweaks

Based on Member feedback, the Club is rolling out an enticing slate of upgrades for diners.

The annual membership survey, conducted each September, allows Members to offer feedback that helps the Club craft an experience that exceeds expectations.

Cooking Outside the Box indepth | dining

Cooking Outside the Box

Members share why the bimonthly Nihonbashi Chef’s Table dinner more than satisfies.

"As long as they focus on the theme, I let them create.”

Fresh Flavors indepth | dining

Fresh Flavors

Unveiled at the end of last month, the new Traders’ Bar menu is set to win hearts and taste buds.

All eyes might be on Japan’s frothy masses of cherry blossoms this month, but there’s nothing fleeting about Traders’ Bar’s newly launched menu of mouthwatering dishes.

Soul Kitchen indepth | dining

Soul Kitchen

The Nihonbashi Club’s head chef explains why creativity is a key ingredient in every dish.

"Sometimes, boom, a new dish works,” says Yasuharu Nakajima. “Sometimes, we’ll modify it two or three times, add some acid or a fresh, new ingredient. The more we collaborate, the better the result.”

Fresh Flavors indepth | dining

Fresh Flavors

With more people turning to vegetarianism and veganism, the Club is rolling out a host of healthy dishes that compromise nothing in flavor.

Kristina Wright learned of her mother’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis to start 2011. Japan’s natural disasters in March that year didn’t make processing the news any easier.