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Rethinking Japan's Future indepth | society

Rethinking Japan's Future

Ahead of International Women’s Day this month, the pioneer of “womenomics” reflects on Japan’s efforts to forge a brighter, more inclusive future.

From Japan’s vantage point, it’s almost impossible to see Italy. Not peering from atop Mount Fuji, but from its place far down the World Economic Forum’s 2022 report on the global gender gap.

Multicultural Support indepth | society

Multicultural Support

One Connections-supported nonprofit is helping immigrant children forge a new life in Japan.

Japan might cease to exist. That’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last May in a tweet about an issue that is rarely discussed by billionaires.

Rainbow Rights and Robes indepth | society

Rainbow Rights and Robes

Set to speak at the Club this month, Buddhist monk Kodo Nishimura talks diversity and empowerment.

Kodo Nishimura might wear robes and sport a shaven head, but he is no ordinary Buddhist monk.

Standing Up indepth | society

Standing Up

Member Tiger Shigetake discusses embracing his identity and fighting to change attitudes toward Japan’s sexual minorities.

Standing before a room full of United Nations officials, Tiger Shigetake talked candidly about the bullying, the ostracization and all the other invisible hardships of growing up gay in Japan.