02 Aug 2021

Remembering Michael Van Zandt

Longtime Member Michael Van Zandt passed away on July 28 in Florida at the age of 51.

An active Member for more than 20 years, he served on the Club's Food & Beverage Committee and was chair of the Wine & Beverage Committee.

With a passion for cooking and wine, Michael organized a number of epicurean events at the Club and wrote about his desire to make wine more accessible in an issue of INTOUCH last year.

Born in New York, Michael grew up in Toronto and Denver before graduating with a degree in economics and Asian studies from Colorado College. He spent his junior year at Sophia University in Tokyo and later earned an MBA from Columbia University.

Michael spent his working career in the medical device field.

He is survived by his wife, Naoko, and daughters, Hannah and Anne. Members interested in donating to the daughters' college education fund can do so through the following sites.