21 Oct 2021

Connections Supports New Charities in 2021

The Club's Connections group donated funds to four new local charities this year.

As part of its ongoing philanthropic efforts, Connections contributed ¥7 million to 11 nonprofit organizations in 2021.

Alongside the seven longtime beneficiaries were four new recipients: online support service A Place for You; Fukushima-based children's home Aoba Gakuen; Musubie, which runs cafeterias across Japan for vulnerable children; and the Big Issue Japan (pictured), an organization that supports the homeless.

With so many charities hit hard by the pandemic, Connections' donations were particularly welcomed this year.

“Because of Covid-19, soup kitchens have closed, and volunteers risk infections when they hand out bento boxes to the homeless,” says Grace Lee, chair of Connections’ charities committee. “Our policy is always to support local organizations that are struggling to receive other kinds of aid.”

Connections holds various fundraising events and drives each year.