30 Nov 2021

New Board Takes Charge after AGM

Seven Members were elected to the Club's Board of Governors at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 30.

At the first Board meeting following the AGM, Jesse Green was selected to serve as representative governor for a one-year term.

In other Board executive committee positions, Sam Rogan and Dean Rogers were named first and second vice president, respectively, with Nils Plett taking up the role of secretary and Rune Sølvsteen as treasurer.

Governors serve a two-year term.

Elected Governors
Jesse Green
Gregory Lyon
Catherine Ohura
Nils Plett

Reiko Saito

Other Nationalities
Rune Sølvsteen

Olivia Smith

Statutory Auditor
Paul Kuo

In total, 742 Voting Members cast their ballots in the Board election.